Codeview для windows 7

Codeview для windows 7

Тип отладчик
Автор Дэвид Норрис
Разработчик Microsoft
Интерфейс графический
Операционная система MS-DOS
Первый выпуск 1985 год
Последняя версия встроена в Visual Studio

CodeView — автономный отладчик, созданный Дэвидом Норрисом из Microsoft в 1985 году. Первоначально CodeView разрабатывался для Microsoft C 4.0 и более поздних версий. Он также разрабатывался для Visual Basic для MS-DOS, Microsoft Basic PDS, и ряда других продуктов Microsoft. Это был один из первых отладчиков для MS-DOS, являвшийся полноэкранным, а не линейным (как его предшественники DEBUG.COM и symdeb).

Во время работы с CodeView пользователи могут использовать окна, которыми можно манипулировать. Некоторые из окон: окно кода, окно данных, командное окно.

После выпуска Microsoft Visual C++ 1.0 функциональность CodeView была интегрирована в единую среду программирования, известную как интегрированная среда разработки (IDE), хотя CodeView все ещё был доступен в 16-разрядных версиях Visual C++. QuickC и ряд других инструментов развития также были интегрированы в единую среду программирования. Такая интеграция, по мнению многих разработчиков, является более естественным способом разработки программного обеспечения. Всё может быть сделано без переключения программ или контекста от кодирования и до отладки.

Сегодня, отладчик считается комплексной и неотъемлемой частью Microsoft Visual Studio.

CodeView helps to show code content with syntax highlighting in native way.

CodeView contains 3 core parts to implement necessary logic:

CodeView & related abstract adapter to provide options & customization (see below).

For highlighting it uses CodeHighlighter, it highlights your code & returns formatted content. It’s based on Google Prettify and their Java implementation & fork.

CodeClassifier is trying to define what language is presented in the code snippet. It’s built using Naive Bayes classifier upon found open-source implementation, which I rewrote in Kotlin. There is no need to work with this class directly & you must just follow instructions below. (Experimental module, may not work properly!)

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Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

Add the dependency:

If you want to use code classifier to auto language recognizing just add to your :

Having done ones on app start you can classify language for different snippets even faster, because the algorithm needs time for training on sets for the presented listings of the languages which the library has.

Add view to your layout & bind as usual:

So now you can set code using implicit form:

Or explicit (see available extensions below):

When you call setCode(. ) the view will be prepared with the default params if the view was not initialized before. So if you want some customization, it can be done using the options and/or adapter.

You can initialize the view with options:

Or using adapter (see Adapter or example for more details):

Note: Each CodeView has a adapter and each adapter has options. When calling setOptions(. ) or setAdapter(. ) the current adapter is "flushed" with the current options. If you want to save the state and just update options saving adapter or set adapter saving options you must call updateOptions(. ) or updateAdapter(. ) accordingly.

Options helps to easily set necessary params, such as code & language, color theme, font, format, shortcut params (max lines, note) and code line click listener. Some params are unnecessary.

When the view is initialized (options or adapter are set) you can manipulate the options in various ways:

There are some default themes (see full list below):

But you can build your own from a existing one:

Or create your own from scratch (don’t forget to open PR with this stuff!):

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Set font for your code content:

Font.Consolas is a font preset (see the list of available below). To use your own font you can use similar method by providing Typeface or font path. Fonts are internally cached.

Manage the space that code line take. There are 3 types: Compact , ExtraCompact and Medium . Setup is similar:

Also you can create custom Format by providing params such as scaleFactor , lineHeight , borderHeight (above first line and below last) and fontSize .

Sometimes you may want to take code lines under your control, and that’s why you need a Adapter.

You can create your own implementation as follows:

  1. Create your model to store data, for example some MyModel class.
  2. Extend AbstractCodeAdapter typed by your model class.
  3. Implement necessary methods in obtained MyCodeAdapter :

Here you must provide a map from code line numbers (started from 0) to list of line entities. It will be mapped by adapter to specified footer views.

See Github diff as example of my "best practice" implementation.

How it looks in app

List of available languages & their extensions

C/C++/Objective-C ( "c" , "cc" , "cpp" , "cxx" , "cyc" , "m" ), C# ( "cs" ), Java ( "java" ), Bash ( "bash" , "bsh" , "csh" , "sh" ), Python ( "cv" , "py" , "python" ), Perl ( "perl" , "pl" , "pm" ), Ruby ( "rb" , "ruby" ), JavaScript ( "javascript" , "js" ), CoffeeScript ( "coffee" ), Rust ( "rc" , "rs" , "rust" ), Appollo ( "apollo" , "agc" , "aea" ), Basic ( "basic" , "cbm" ), Clojure ( "clj" ), Css ( "css" ), Dart ( "dart" ), Erlang ( "erlang" , "erl" ), Go ( "go" ), Haskell ( "hs" ), Lisp ( "cl" , "el" , "lisp" , "lsp" , "scm" , "ss" , "rkt" ), Llvm ( "llvm" , "ll" ), Lua ( "lua" ), Matlab ( "matlab" ), ML (OCaml, SML, F#, etc) ( "fs" , "ml" ), Mumps ( "mumps" ), N ( "n" , "nemerle" ), Pascal ( "pascal" ), R ( "r" , "s" , "R" , "S" , "Splus" ), Rd ( "Rd" , "rd" ), Scala ( "scala" ), SQL ( "sql" ), Tex ( "latex" , "tex" ), VB ( "vb" , "vbs" ), VHDL ( "vhdl" , "vhd" ), Tcl ( "tcl" ), Wiki ( "wiki.meta" ), XQuery ( "xq" , "xquery" ), YAML ( "yaml" , "yml" ), Markdown ( "md" , "markdown" ), formats ( "json" , "xml" , "proto" ), "regex"

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Didn’t found yours? Please, open issue to show your interest & I’ll try to add this language in next releases.

List of available themes

  • Default (simple light theme)
  • Solarized Light
  • Monokai

List of available fonts

  • Consolas
  • CourierNew
  • DejaVuSansMono
  • DroidSansMonoSlashed
  • Inconsolata
  • Monaco

List of apps on Play Store where this library used. Ping me if you want to be here too!

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